‘Gulliver in Icelandic’

I’m going to be linking to short fiction here. Why? Because short fiction is great and, if there’s any justice in the universe, the Internet is going to usher in a new golden age of short-form material in all media. I continue to be baffled why YouTube hasn’t made short films and music videos a more vibrant cultural force.

Anyway, here’s a pleasing story by Israeli author Etgar Keret: “Gulliver in Icelandic.” Keret is very good at the very short story, which is a skill I admire. The link came from my dad, an avid online short story reader who also wants me to return his Keret book. The story is a two-minute read, with the famous “To Build a Fire” ending you know and love from middle school.

One response to “‘Gulliver in Icelandic’

  1. the beauty of mcsweeneys.net is that they have those entertaining, digestible short writings everyday on their site.

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