TV Tyrant: ‘What’s Up, Tiger Lily’

What’s Up, Tiger Lily
On Turner Classic Movies
Sunday, Nov. 11 @ 8:00pm EST

Back again with the consumer-friendliest service on offer here, in which I tell you how to tell your DVR what to do for you. Did you know that Woody Allen’s first film was an overdubbed Japanese action film? It’s true. And here’s the bind: if you really like Woody Allen, you’ve probably already seen “What’s Up, Tiger Lily”; if you don’t really like Woody Allen, there’s probably not a big chance that you’ll care all that much for the film. The very model of a minor work made relevant by the artist’s top stuff. And yet, I say record it. I don’t recall all that much about the plot — a missing egg salad recipe, I think, is at the center of the story. But “Tiger Lily” is worth watching. Once.

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