New Castanets

A new album from Castanets? Indeed. This is a band that hits me squarely in my aural wheelhouse, offering a Gothic Americana sound that drips with Greil Marcus’s “Old, Weird America.” (Although the menace in Castanets is uniformly in the slit-my-wrists subset of genre, and can be a bit same sounding — as opposed to the more generalized, multi-tempo deranged menace of the Harry Smith anthology or the Basement Tapes or even Will Oldham.)

In any case, the first track I’ve sampled from Castanets latest, “In the Vines,” had me pretty much floored last night.

“Sway,” Castanets

I found it at Paper Thin Walls, where the reviewer nailed the resigned tone of this love song as sounding “less like a come-on than a sign of exhaustion.”

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