Terminator TV Reconsidered

I have been distinctly underwhelmed by the prospect of the upcoming Terminator series on Fox, and downright indifferent to news of a Terminator 4 film to be directed by McG. After the dreck of T3, which totally botched any possible coherence in the franchise’s time-travel dynamics, I began to suspect that my warm recollections of T2 — which I loved back in the day — may not hold up on closer inspection today. (Would those morphing-metallic special effects still look good? Could my cynical adult self stomach Gov. Schwarzenegger as a redemptive robo-father/Christ figure?)

But these posters have me reconsidering my bias against the TV series. In part, perhaps, because I love Summer “River Tam” Glau.

The look of these posters reminds me of the (really awesome) Robo-Bjork music video, and bode well for the look and feel of the TV series. Still, it’s Fox — the network that butchered Firefly, lest we forget — and I will remain skeptical. Also, I wonder if Ms. Glau is anxious about being typecast in roles that are essentially sexy homicidal cyborgs. But I guess you could do worse things with your career than play sinister-yet-innocent-looking deadly robot characters. It sure beats playing the ingenue. (via)

One response to “Terminator TV Reconsidered

  1. from the fox.com/terminator wiki site:
    Series will follow T2 timeline and not that of RISE OF THE MACHINES

    Executive producer Josh Friedman reveals that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be a true sequel to the Terminator film franchise, glossing over the events of T3: The Rise of the Machines. “To me, it’s about Sarah, and the big thing about TERMINATOR 3 is Sarah is not in it. … TERMINATOR 3 for our timeline doesn’t exist, now let’s go forward. … ”

    that has to be a good thing, right?

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