All Hail King Kizer, Lord of the Robot Fighters

I would like very much to say something insightful about these fighting robots, but there’s this huge part of my psyche still repeating “ohmygodohmygodfightingrobots” as I type.

To start with, a segment from tonight’s episode of Wired Science on PBS. Father who trains his sons to build and operate fighting robots: great dad or greatest dad? Plus, I love all the Japanese-y honor stuff as expressed via robot-fighting outcomes (“I vowed my son would never cry again,” the paterfamilias says after a crushing defeat.)

The name of the family’s champion robot is King Kizer, so they also get points for a first-rate robot name. Here’s a video of Kizer’s sudden death championship match vs a tough little dude named Ivre. The scoring can be a little hard to follow, but I’m pretty sure it only counts for a point when a knockdown is forced by contact and not when a robot just falls over in the course of events. Here’s Kizer in an even better fight against Retro.

And here’s the really good stuff: a compilation of awesome robo takedowns. My favorite is the fly-swatter robot.

On a non-robot fighting note, I’ve been very much enjoying my weekly dose of Wired Science and I’m particularly pleased to see Chris Hardwick‘s self-deprecating, nerdish charms put to such perfect use. He almost single-handedly made otherwise pure trash dating shows like “Singled Out” and “Shipmates” enjoyable, but he’s so much better utilized in this chemistry experiment segment on Wired Science.

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