We Could Be Totally Fracked

The Battlestar Galactica TV movie Razor airs on Saturday, which I am pretty excited about. But there’s bad news on the BSG horizon. Only half of the final season is in the can, and it seems the writers’ strike has dragged on long enough that the network is considering just calling off the second half of the season. Which means the ragtag fleet will never reach earth and we’ll never really know if the Cylons had a plan or just an ad-hoc series of genocidal whims. As Slice of SciFi puts it in their roundup:

With a declining ratings and higher production costs, to re-start a show for ten episodes to please what is perceived as a niche audience might not make sense to the network brass.

Ouch. I suppose BSG fans are indisputably a niche, but they are the kind of niche that engages in lucrative behaviors like buying DVD sets, right? Didn’t we learn anything from Firefly? Come on, networks — the mass audience is kaput! (via)

One response to “We Could Be Totally Fracked

  1. I can’t for the life of me understand how Battlestar is significantly less profitable than everything else that runs on the SciFi network (particularly the seven different versions of Stargate).

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