For Sale: My Lifetime Collection of Collectibles

Via SF Signal, check out this eBay auction: a massive collection of Stars Wars actions figures. I had the Rebel Alliance’s B-Wing Fighter, shown in mid-flight (and out of box) at the top of this image, as well as a Y- and X-Wing, a few Lukes, Chewbaca, some ewoks, one of the speeders from “Return of the Jedi” (shown in the auction here), and a miniature Hoth playset. Bidding for this collection starts at $25,450.

In his heartbreaking explanatory text, the seller writes: “THIS IS MY LIFE TIME COLLECTION OF COLLECTIBLES. THIS IS A BIG STEP I’M TAKING IN ORDER TO MOVE ON AND ACOMPLISH [sic] A NEW PLAN I HAVE FOR MY FUTURE.” Indeed. I just wish we knew more about this plan (it could affect people’s bids!). Curiosity and the freakish transparency made possible by the Internet allowed me to gather some information on this dedicated fellow. Looking at the record of his recent transactions, here’s what I’ve found:

  • He won a 1984 Luke Skywalker-in-the-storm-trooper-uniform for $91 in September. So, I deduce, the decision to sell may have been fairly sudden and recent.
  • The most recent transactions in which he has been the buyer are for artistic tools: modeling clay, a dremel, carving tools, and small circular saw.
  • Conclusion: This man is financing his life as an artist through the sale of his beloved action figures. If so, that’s somehow moving, I think. Here’s hoping his sculptural style goes beyond Boba Fett in action poses.

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