Return to Dwarf Fortress

Bet you didn’t think I’d possibly revisit a nerd-maximum computer game that I haven’t even played. But yet, here we are. Reading about Dwarf Fortress.

Since I am still too intimidated and Mac-owning to try the game for myself, I quite enjoyed reading this fan-made collaborative gamelog. Each player takes over the game for a fixed one-year term and keeps a short diary of major events and projects. I’m now on  the year 1054, in which an overseer narrating in the style of a dwarven Al Swearengen has taken over the mine: “To begin with, all of our fucking workshops and trade goods are sitting outside in the fucking rain. One of the previous Overseers must have been some sort of shallow-dwelling skygazer because having our production out here is just inhumane to the poor hoopleheads who have to stand out there.”

These illustrated diaries give a very good sense of just how complex and Civilization-like the play experience is. Plus, going through the story actually teaches you a little about how to read those crazy, Matrix-style ASCII readouts. And as a bonus: the writing is humorous, each succeeding overseer mocks the management prowess of his predecessor, and the whole thing is far more readable than what you’d expect from a gamelog. (via)

2 responses to “Return to Dwarf Fortress

  1. look! even the gays love dwarf fortress:

    and did you realize that all of the underground design is in 3D?!? 3D ASCII!!!!

  2. noahsam: this is exactly why i think you should be playing this game. did you read that gamelog? if the dwarf fortress folks cranked out a mac port, i think i could work up the courage to try it out.

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