The Wire Prequels

When Bunk Met McNulty, 2000

Young Omar’s First Stickup, 1985

Young Prop Joe Does Business, 1962

I would also like to see:

  1. Daniels Does Dirt in the Eastern, 1995
  2. Young Prezbo Meets Future Father-in-Law Stan Valchek, 1998
  3. Bell and Barksdale Get Their Start, 1991
  4. Patrolwoman Kima Greggs in Uniform, 1999
  5. Bubbles’s First Snitch, ????

Bonus point for hardcore Wire fans such as myself: In the Young Omar episode, his brother is, of course, “No-Heart” Anthony. We first learned about Omar’s bad-luck older brother in Season 1 Episode 4, as this Television Without Pity recap reminds us:

Kima is quiet for a minute, and then blurts, “So who’s No-Heart Anthony?” McNulty chuckles, and explains that No-Heart ran drugs in the Homes in the early ’90s: “So a couple years back, I don’t know why, he finds himself in Randallstown, trying to take off a jewellery store. He fucks it up; half the county chases him back downtown. I guess No-Heart figures he’s not up for doing the time, ’cause he puts a .44 against his chest, pulls the trigger.” Kima makes a face like she just smelled skunk: “A .44?” McNulty grins: “It’s a contact wound. Wakes up two hours later in the University ER.” “With a new nickname,” Kima surmises, giggling.

Also, how about the very interesting fact that Young Omar, according to these prequels, had his signature scar back in 1985, when he couldn’t have been much older than 12 or 13. Now I really want to know how he got that facial memento.

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