First-Person Pinball


Some Scandinavian geniuses have gone and created a pinball machine with a first-person perspective, eliminating the traditional seen-from-above vantage point in a clever mash-up of pinball and first-person shooter videogames. That image you see above, that’s the viewpoint from which you play the table. Behold, The Furminator:

I’ve been in love with pinball ever since a three-year period in elementary school when my Uncle Harry moved to Philadelphia and left his awesome Williams Comet table at my house. I also graduated from Wesleyan University with the high score on the campus center’s very active Theater of Magic table. After watching this video, my mind is blown. The tears I am crying are of joy and sadness both. For never had I imagined such a machine could exist — but now that I know it does, I am crushed by my inability to play it. Now. I want to play it now.

The accent of the Furminator creator is somewhat hard to decipher, but I do believe he describes the in-machine gameplay experience as “mechatronic.” Which is great. What I like best, however, is how this invention elevates pinball’s intrinsic stakes. In the standard variation, the onus is on the player to keep the ball on the board — and what a grave and infuriating onus it is. In first-person pinball, that task is made all the more engrossing by the impression that your actual face will be smashed by weighty metal orbs if you fail.

Here’s the website for this project, along with a link to more photos.

I say it again: genius.

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