TV Tyrant: ‘Best of Youth’

The Best of Youth
on Sundance Channel
Monday, Dec. 31 @ 11pm

This post has an asymptotically small chance of reaching anyone in the next 20 hours. But if it did, and such a person has Sundance Channel, I’d suggest recording all four of the ~2-hour episodes in the epic family melodrama The Best of Youth on New Year’s Eve. It’s one of those sweeping historical tales, a bit like Updike’s Rabbit books, following a bourgeois Italian family over 40 years through the politics of the nation. And it’s very well done, rightly counted among the slim ranks of best that TV has ever offered so far. (If you like the 70s Euro-violent radical stuff in The Best of Youth, I’d strongly encourage you to pair the series with Good Morning, Night, which depicts the murder of Aldo Moro.)

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