Return to Monkey Island

Did you know that Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck’s Revenge — which, at around age 12, I loved — is a free download now? (This link is for Macs; PCsters are on their own.) I’m hereby playing it again, and will report back if the hilarity holds up.

I started playing the highly praised, little purchased Psychonauts on my Xbox 360, which is the latest game made by MI creator Tim Schafer. The first bit I played, after a very long tutorial, was funny — but not Monkey Island 2 funny. (I’m waiting to play the full game, which is visually stunning, until I get an HDTV. That’s the story of my (non-)gaming life right now: I’m also waiting to play BioShock, Assassin’s Creed and every other game people went bananas about in 2007 until I can experience them in eye-bleedingly intense 1080p.)

UPDATE: Oh no! My new Macbook apparently does not support the Mac “classic environment,” which I would need to run Monkey Island 2. WTF? I know my old PowerBook G4 could run pre-OSX programs. Anyone know a way around this?

2 responses to “Return to Monkey Island

  1. this is the best you can hope for:

    it only emulates up to 9.0.4, but that might be good enough…

  2. The only problem is that this SheepShaver program takes all sorts of hard work to get running. As much as I’d like to play Monkey Island 2 again, I can’t see myself getting involved in such a horrid process to do so.

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