Ad-Supported Everything…OK!

I remember nearly paying for Wired luminary Kevin Kelly’s documentary cannon “True Films” some time back, when it surfaced as a cheap download on his website. Awed by the concept, won over by the sub-subtitle: “Perfect with Netflix.”

My failure of follow through has redounded to my benefit. The book, now in it’s third “edition,” is available as a free PDF download — and the very first real-world example I’ve yet encountered of Adobe’s move into ad-supported files, which I read about at work a while back. Here’s Mr. Kelly’s post about it.

I have to say, when I read about this whole PDFs-with-ads thing, despite my intense interest in authors and free e-books, I was pretty dismissive. Could it be lucrative? Do people actually respond to any of Google’s ubiquitous contextual ads? Isn’t it overkill? But now I’m starting to see how it makes a whole bunch of sense…

3 responses to “Ad-Supported Everything…OK!

  1. An Anonymous Reader

    Yes, people respond to Google’s AdWords and AdSense placements! Why do you think Google is has a bajillion dollars??

  2. I know Google’s successful business model is real, just like I know there are people who believe angels intervene in their daily life. Fact it, however, I don’t know anyone who has ever bought anything as a result of AdWords — let alone anyone who regularly clicks on them! How many AdWords links have you clicked in gmail, my dear anonymous reader?

  3. Google’s AdWords and AdSense is successful business for google and make a lot money from it

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