A Limited-Time Offer

So the plan, such as it is, calls for writing about three TV shows in this space: The Wire, Battlestar Galactica and Lost. (And on the Wire front — sorry, really busy week is going to force me discuss episodes 1 & 2 in tandem. But I’ve got some good stuff up my sleeve).

I love Lost far less, however, so the efforts in that department may often be limited to rants and gripes. Still, if you’d like a bit of refresher for Season 3 — and, with the writer’s strike taking down almost everything else by now, why not? — you can stream the entire thing from an ABC portal here (it’ll only be up until the end of January). I really detested most of last season, and only inertia kept me from throwing in the towel at some points. But things ended on a mild upswing, so despite myself I’m looking forward to Season 4’s unsatisfying march to a not-even-midway strike-caused cliffhanger. (via)

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