Drowning in My Own Private Amazon

There’s no search function in Amazon’s wish lists? Unless I’m just too tired to see straight, it seems you can’t search within your own list — only for other customer’s wish lists. But screw other customers, Amazon. I’ve been keeping that list since 2003, pruning it on occasion of books that I no longer wish for or that I’ve found at a used bookstore. I’ve got nine pages. I need search, you bastards.

Much like the Netflix situation discussed below, there are some long-suffering books on this list that just don’t have a prayer. I know when I heard that Robert Massie’s “Dreadnought” is a good book (Dec. 21, 2003) — otherwise why on earth would I wish-list a book about WWI battleships — but as the second-oldest title, I’ve got to be honest with myself: I probably don’t wish for it all that much.

2 responses to “Drowning in My Own Private Amazon

  1. Another problem I have with Amazon’s Wish List function: wishing for an item a second time will not place it at the most recently wished-for spot. There are times when I hear about a great book or album for a second time (having forgot about the first time). When I hit “Add to Wish List,” I expect it to placed at the appropriate point in My Wish List’s timeline (as many of my wished for items come from bibliographies of the books I’m reading or All Music Guide’s recommendations for similar artists to the music I ‘m listening to, I regard My Wish List as a history of my interests). Functionally, Amazon’s program disregards my request because the item is actually already somewhere on the list, and I have to go searching through my eleven pages of to find it.

  2. This is an excellent point, and something that also bothers me. Sorting in general on the wish list is bunk. Why can’t I toggle between filters that limit results to book or gadgets or albums?

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