Sometimes I Get Tired of BoingBoing

I think to myself, “Another day, another 40 posts to review. Does it have to be so many?” That sort of volume is why I stopped following MetaFilter. But there are days like today, where you get this:

And, being the Internet and all, this spoof is naturally part of a meme that includes Hitler going apeshit at the theft of his car and Hitler freaking out after he’s banned from Xbox Live (my favorite). For what it’s worth, the underlying Bruno Ganz performance from the film Downfall is really excellent.

Also making it worth the effort on BB today:

2 responses to “Sometimes I Get Tired of BoingBoing

  1. Just yesterday clive thompson blogged his relationshipt to BB. How he never blogs anything that BB has blogged already and cited a study somebody did about how fast BB really is. Since I’m on day 2 of my blog, i’m okay, not so breaking news. I don’t care how new something is really, if I think there’s something more to say… Check out the post…

  2. Wow. The video of Hitler and the HD format war is priceless.

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