The Writers Strike Giveth?

As I’ve discussed previously, it seems increasingly possible that the protracted labor dispute in Hollywoodland is going to scuttle the second half of Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth and final season. But via i09, there’s a new strike-related BSG twist: A rumored prequel series dubbed Caprica, which emerged as a tantalizing possibility when the series was riding high, is now back in the works. Well, not necessarily as a series — that would take, you know, a team of writers — but as a two-hour Razor-style miniseries. As i09 explains:

The pilot script for Caprica was handed in long ago, meaning it could be put into production while the writers strike, although they wouldn’t be able to take it to series until something happens on that front. With television shows vanishing left and right, the Sci Fi Channel and other networks are opening up the filing cabinets and reconsidering options like this that they’d shelved before. NBC/Universal recently put in a call to Mark Stern, the VP at Sci Fi, and told him they want them to revisit the project, so you might get a pilot episode out of the mix, if nothing else.

We’ll see how energized the BSG fanbase gets over a two-hour prequel if Sci Fi network continues to back away from finishing the series.

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