TV Tyrant: ‘Killer of Sheep’ on TCM

Killer of Sheep
Turner Classic Movies
Monday, Jan. 21 @ 8pm EST

Look, people. This is a remarkable television opportunity. Killer of Sheep is a certified masterpiece that went more or less unseen for three decades, and it’s now being beamed directly into your homes on Monday evening. Plus, we’ll also get a crack at four other Charles Burnett films that, as far as I know, remain all but impossible to see. Of the five films presented by Turner Classic Movies, three are very short — so no need to feel overwhelmed.

At a minimum, I implore you: DVR the crap out of Killer of Sheep. Take a chance on the other Burnett films, too. If they’re anything like Sheep, at worst you’ll be getting a slice of Americana from the lost world of 1970s black L.A.

  • Read a bit more about my insomniac love for TCM, as well as some of the backstory about Sheep and My Brother’s Wedding, the other feature on the Burnett bill.

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