‘Having Said That, Do You Pop Vitamins?’

The above posed as a question to Hillary Clinton by Katie Couric on television last night. Her follow up: Do you mainline coffee?

The ironclad grip of my no-blogging-about-politics rule is loosened just enough for me to recommend tonight’s episode of 60 Minutes. (Not a remark I anticipate making, well, pretty much ever again.) We get “personal” interviews with both B. Obama and H. Clinton — and the two-parter is one of those glossy infotainment specimens that the modern campaign is all about. If you, like me, are minding the politics lately, I think you owe it to yourself to take in these two treacly video packages. It’s seasonal, like going to see a summer blockbuster.

  • VIDEO: Hillary Clinton vs. Katie Couric
  • VIDEO: Barack Obama vs. Steve Kroft.

On a personal level, I’d never really experienced the full Couric before. I chortled audibly several times, and I was watching alone. But there’s also room in Couric’s piece for deft, subtle passages, such as the “Day One” cliche pattern reinforced — as an aside — by the candidate herself. And yes, I’ll even admit an interest in learning that the New York senator likes hot chilies (me too!). And, fine, also that her old man was a tough dude. OK, the interview made butter seem stiff, but my interest was firmly held in Katie’s gentle hands.

The Obama number, meanwhile, contained a couple of funny beats of its own. (This time, not all were due to comically emotive interview questions, which is not to say it wasn’t softball city in there.) Most notably: the stolen moment of the candidate admiring himself in a “next president” caricature. Also, his unprompted self-analogy to Google — a funny thing to say.

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