The Civilization of the Joystick

More good news: Civilization, the ur-computer game and king of all time sucks, is coming to the Xbox 360. And the early notices — like this one, penned by a well-known PC gaming supremacist — seem very positive, particularly for those of us who tremble at the notion of slipping into steely grip of a new Civ addiction.
It’s not a Civ IV port (which I still haven’t played), but a whole new version of the game specifically made for quicker console play. To quote the above-linked review, the game “feel[s] not like the cold hexes and hotkeys of PC strategy, but like social boardgames re-imagined expertly for console, replete with a chummy, toy-like physicality that belies the satisfying complexity underneath. It’s Civ made simpler and quicker, but no stupider.”

Doesn’t come out until June, but this just might be the game that forces me to indulge in an Xbox Live subscription.

One response to “The Civilization of the Joystick

  1. Hey u should play “command and conquer” and “black and white” there cool games that i think that u would like

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