Our Friendly Keystone State

I’ve always wanted to be called in a survey by a political pollster. Even though you, as respondent, are rendered statistically insignificant by design, the sense of your own inflated power over the very perception of the world must feel, well, inflating. Untethered from a landline, however, my chances go from really remote to virtually nil.

And yet, we can hope. Miracles sometimes happen, even to Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell:

[Rendell] was hanging out at home last weekend when the phone rang. On the other end of the call was a pollster from Quinnipiac University, who had no idea whom his computer had dialed.

But wait, it’s gets completely absurd and meta:

[He was asked] a question about whether the governor’s endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton make him “more likely to vote for Clinton, less likely to vote for Clinton, or doesn’t it make a difference?”

“When they asked if Ed Rendell’s endorsement had any impact, I said, ‘Absolutely,'” Rendell said.

I will now resume not writing about the election in this space. (via pollster.com)

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