Is America Ready for a Cylon President?

At work tonight, I suggested funnyman Steve Martin to play the Republican presidential nominee in any film version of the 2008 election. But I was wrong, and co-worker JW soon corrected my error. The only choice for the role is TV actor Michael Hogan. Why? Because. . . Colonel Saul Tigh is John McCain.

Turns out my co-worker was not the first person to arrive at this conclusion, which is as it should be. The similarities are just so striking, and not just the uncanny physical resemblance between the actor and the Arizona senator. Could Battlestar Galactica character Saul Tigh possibly be based on the life of John McCain?

  • Naval aviator? Check.
  • Member of a military family? Check.
  • Held in captivity by the enemy? Check.
  • Tortured? Physically disfigured by the ordeal? Double check.
  • Favors hawkish military policies? Check.
  • Reputation as a carouser, rabble rouser and ladies’ man? Check.
  • Married to a blonde? Check.
  • Married to a blonde with ties to alcohol? Check.

Also — this is the clincher — Tigh has a secretary named Kennedy, and McCain has a secretary named Lincoln.

Seriously, though, this is pretty amazing all around. I’ll try not to write about the election in this space again — but only if the election tries harder to not freak me out with its staggering likeness to Battlestar Galactica.

21 responses to “Is America Ready for a Cylon President?

  1. Check out my video about the same subject:

  2. Re: good science fiction. apparently it’s all in the YA section of the bookstore.

  3. Tigh just needs a big fat left jaw, and then you’ve got yerself a match there.

  4. I brought this up to a friend last year well before the primaries started. I also suggested that if McCain were to wear an eye-patch & start saying “frak” it would help out his campaign.

  5. Tigh would have lose his accent to really pull it off. The more pertinent question would be “Is America ready for a Canadian President?”

  6. i bet he could lose his accent if he wanted to for the role. McCains campaign should commission him for a small pro-McCain peice before some other director does snatch him up at least for a negative McCain spoof

  7. Why not, we already have an alcoholic pres.

  8. We’ve had several of those, eviltimes. To which do you refer?

  9. I see a Saturday Night Live skit in Hogan’s future!

  10. Tigh for President :P

  11. Pfft… Don’t you guys already have a robotic President?!

  12. Yeah, Lukas. But now we want one that works.

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  14. Daniel Harris

    They have one more thing in common: In an alternte reality, each of them is a younger black man.

  15. LOL! I’ve thought the same thing!

  16. I have been giving this theory out for months. I’m so pleased to see I’m not the only one. They have very similar stances on a lot of things, but McCain would be kind of cooler if he was still as tough as he was in 2004 and not trying to be so teddy-bear-ish (or that’s how he comes off to me lately). If he were a tough son of a bitch like Tigh…

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