Inflamable Van

This would hardly be worth mentioning at all, but for the existence of photographic images. And yet photos exist, so I mention — a common phenomenon.

A city-owned Access-A-Ride van bursting into a massive fireball on the West Side Highway:

Photo by co-worker Keith Huang.

Unlike almost every New Yorker in my age group, I know a good deal about the city’s Access-A-Ride service, having written more than a few “action desk”-style items on the subject. Never once did I get to tackle it from the coveted “burst into deadly flames” angle. In case you’re wondering, the van took virtually no time to go up, and there was nothing like the shrapnel-producing explosion movies teach us to expect in these situations. (Also, no one died inside.)

Here’s me (left) and co-worker Roy watching from twelve floors up:

Also Keith

More action-packed photography of the incident can be seen here and here and particularly here, where the fireman is brandishing that battle ax tool. Always loved those, never seen one in use before. These are from co-worker Kurt’s Flickr stream, which is highly recommended. His non-emergency work is even better.

One response to “Inflamable Van

  1. is that my friend dan who used to host the shark show in the photo below you and your co-worker on keith’s website? the bearded guy. last name: gaba?

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