Star Fish Is Superior

Believe me when I tell you to read this book. If you don’t believe me, ask Noah. You might think: But I don’t like sci-fi, and dear god look at the cover, man. Also, screw this Noah guy. Even if you don’t think you like sci-fi books per se, “Star Fish” still deserves your attention. In fact, I think it’s the perfect sort of sci-fi book to suggest to people who don’t read those books, because it doesn’t much follow the standard shapes and rhythms of the genre. Which is not to say it’s an easy read — far from it. “Star Fish” is a difficult book in a lot of ways. A hostile book, you could say. But the payoff is huge. Peter Watts’ debut novel is a fearsome thing, a really huge technical achievement. There is no skimping on science here, but it’s pretty seamless and important to the story.

This is not the first time I’ve hectored you to read “Star Fish.” It’s been free for a long while, but Tor is just hyping that fact now (on their excellent free e-book email list) presumably because the paperback reissue is due out. Hopefully, once you confirm the book’s quality, you’ll buy the other two novels in the Rifters trilogy. And “Blindsight,” which is also a killer book.

One response to “Star Fish Is Superior

  1. I saw this book on the shelf at an airport recently and was greatly intrigued by it.

    However, the choice of body font in the text of the paperback edition of the book is horrible. It’s not a traditional, readable font, it’s some kind of funky font with bizarre, chipped angles on the letters. This has the effect of causing the text to seem to vibrate on the page (at least in my eyes). Unfortunately, at this point it didn’t matter how good the book was, the body font kills it.

    A good caveat for book design is, above all make sure its readable.

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