Full-Throated Approval

1. “Lie Down in the Light,” Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Will Oldham is freakishly prolific, and this is very possibly his best album since 1999’s “I See a Darkness.” (Side note: it’s been freaking nine years since “Darkness” came out?) Couldn’t find a playable link for “So Everyone,” my favorite track at present and a song described by a half-sleeping Claire as “very romantic.” Here’s a download link.

2. “Arm’s Way,” Islands (listen)

The previous Islands album, “Return to the Sea,” flew completely under my radar until fairly recently. This one is better all around. Much to like on “Sea,” but many of the songs suffer from quasi-annoying interludes sandwiched between killer fragments. A lot of the stuff didn’t quite gel. The new album is much more cohesively poppy and, although somewhat slipshod at times, also more slickly produced. Here’s a winning upbeat track:


As long as we’re on the subject, I find this Islands performance video transfixing (in part, I admit, due to the very attractive female singer in the band). That link is from La Blogotheque, which is fantastic and something worth exploring thoroughly.

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