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Full-Throated Approval

1. “Lie Down in the Light,” Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Will Oldham is freakishly prolific, and this is very possibly his best album since 1999’s “I See a Darkness.” (Side note: it’s been freaking nine years since “Darkness” came out?) Couldn’t find a playable link for “So Everyone,” my favorite track at present and a song described by a half-sleeping Claire as “very romantic.” Here’s a download link.

2. “Arm’s Way,” Islands (listen)

The previous Islands album, “Return to the Sea,” flew completely under my radar until fairly recently. This one is better all around. Much to like on “Sea,” but many of the songs suffer from quasi-annoying interludes sandwiched between killer fragments. A lot of the stuff didn’t quite gel. The new album is much more cohesively poppy and, although somewhat slipshod at times, also more slickly produced. Here’s a winning upbeat track:


As long as we’re on the subject, I find this Islands performance video transfixing (in part, I admit, due to the very attractive female singer in the band). That link is from La Blogotheque, which is fantastic and something worth exploring thoroughly.


It Puts the Lotion on Its Skin

Via Reihan at American Scene, the online intellectual/quasi-celebrity I’d most like to meet, here’s a “Silence of the Lambs”-themed mashup that I must have missed in its active viral phase

Catchy. I may have a thing for pop songs whose lyrics are based on film lines. Take, for instance, Aqueduct’s “As You Wish,” which is adapted from “The Princess Bride.” Also excellent.

Try Radioarchive

This torrent archive specializing in radio programs, particularly stuff from the BBC, looks incredibly promising. Now all we need is a handy best-of-the-BBC list or other such index. Anyone have any listening suggestions? (via)

Sound of the Tick

Keep meaning to post about music. What with the eMusic monthly deal, I’m forced to audition albums on a regular basis. (I am, at least provisionally, devout towards the album.) Which means mixing reviews and myspace. And it’s working out pretty well.

I commend to you Deer Tick. I’m enjoying the album “War Elephant” in its entirety. For starters, check out the song “Dirty Dishes.” Track is here. Good YouTube performance video to the south.

Voice of the Devil

If you didn’t see this already, be sure to check out David Lee Roth’s vocal track from “Running With the Devil.” This is a crazy demented sound, much weirder than I anticipated. LINK

What If T.Rex Still Made Records?

It would sound just like David Vandervelde’s album, The Moonstation House Band. Derivative? Sure. Awesome? I think so.

“Jacket,” by David Vandervelde (download)

Go here to take a listen to the surpassingly excellent track “Nothin’ No.”

UPDATE: Even better! Go to this link from Vandervelde’s website and stream the entire album. And then reward the man for his manifest greatness by downloading the thing properly from eMusic.

Even the Hangman Has Friends

Found a remarkable song thanks to this wonderfully short review on the Onion’s A.V. Club site.

“Hangman,” Fire On Fire (download)

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