10 Dimensions in 12 Minutes

I’ve not been much into string theory, outside of a stray episode of NOVA or something, so I can’t tell you if this video is good on the merits. But I confirm that this 12-minute animation, which takes you step by step through visualizations of all ten known dimensions, is a kick. My mind, after watching, is pleasingly boggled.

Has anyone else ever seen this video before or know much about how it jibes/doesn’t jibe with mainstream ideas about string theory?

3 responses to “10 Dimensions in 12 Minutes

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  2. Well It clearly shows the general idea of the dimensions; however these so called dimensions are actually supposed to be tiny. Smaller than the size of an atom, proton or neutron, They have a 10 to the -16 scale or smaller!

  3. What are the basis of time travel concept?Where have the matter came into considerations?What iss all tenth dimension about?

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