Forty Dollars Won’t Pay My Fine

Ogged is sure right about the Doc Boggs song “Country Blues.”

“Country Blues,” by the way, is a great, great song, with some of the best lines in all of popmusicdom, and Boggs singing is perfectly strained and creepy. Plus, the banjo.

Have a listen.

Now, a lot of people read Unfogged, where the above-mentioned Ogged does his blogging. Just look at the gaudy comment counts! As far as I know, however, none of my media-saturated real-life friends and associates know anything about it. Which is a shame. People talk about online communities all the time, but Unfogged is one only true examples of a blog-based social environment I’ve yet to encounter. The blog isn’t really about anything, and most of the posts are just thinly veiled prompts for free-wheeling discussions in the comments (me, I’m just a lurker). But it somehow builds into an aesthetically pleasing whole.

How they manage to keep things just so, with several authors and assloads of commenters, is something that really fascinates me. Perhaps I’ll develop some theories about it. In the meanwhile, check it out if you’re looking for a pleasing general-purpose blog product.

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