Glacial Slurs

My eMusic moment has finally arrived. The service, I will say, is remarkably smooth and shockingly cheap. Don’t know why I put it off for so long.

The upshot for you hypothetical readers is my recent musical findings. A lot of it is only new in the new-to-me sense, so please keep in mind that I’m not trying to be latest word. On anything (e.g.). That said, here’s Centro-Matic’s “Glacial Slurs” off the 2000 album “South San Gabriel Songs/Music”:

I had never heard of Centro-Matic until I read a sympathetic review of another album by them in one of the A.V. Club’s “Permanent Records” entries. I’m not a huge fan of music writing, generally, but I love this feature, which seeks to burnish the standing of a lesser — or at least lesser regarded — album. This sort of recirculation is near and dear to me, as is the project of celebrating somewhat flawed or minor works (which is sometimes, but not always, part of the “PR” mission). Yesterday’s article on the Bee Gee’s album “1st” is fantastic and dead-on in it’s esteem of that record, which is indeed a perfect confection of the Beatles, Zombies, Kinks, etc. British pop moment — but with the same killer Bee Gees harmonies that you hear on their well-worn 70s stuff.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying “South San Gabriel” in its entirety — the song above is not my favorite, just the best track I could find out in the open. If you’re already familiar with Centro-Matic, let me know in the comments which album I should download next.

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