How I Felt

I just acquired an HDTV, and I do look forward to watching the messianically revered “Planet Earth” series in all its 1080p 1080i 780p splendor, even though televised nature stuff has never been my favorite. Mark my words, I will not be lulled into watching that bland natural-vistas HD channel that people new to HDTV seem to favor. Always looked vaguely New Agey to me, like footage from an Enya commercial.

During my just-concluded low-definition life, as people would universally rave about “Planet Earth,” this is basically how I felt:


3 responses to “How I Felt

  1. C’mon Aaron. Everyone knows that high-def television only broadcasts at either 780p or 1080i. If you want 1080p, get yourself a blu-ray player, you jerk. You’re lucky I don’t flame this blog back to the DOS age.

  2. “Planet Earth” would be on DVD, McFly — possibly some sort of high-def format. Although I suppose you’re right, since I don’t own Blu-Ray equipment….

  3. wait for it to re-run on discovery HD then… watching it on standard DVD is like saying you lost your virginity to a blow-up doll.

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