Hot or Not: Jadzia Dax

Yeah, I think “Star Trek Orgasms“is hilarious. Have a click, it’s not inappropriate for the modern office environment.

The funniest part, to me, is the positively asexual nature of the Star Trek aesthetic in the first place. I say this a big Next Generation fan back in elementary/middle school. (I’m excluding the original 60s series from my generalizations, because that show had its own period-specific issues with women). Of course, Star Trek babes are constant in each series. But the appeal stems largely from the understandable and non-threatening way the “sexy” women figures act (e.g. Deanna Troi or Jadzia Dax.) I really thought Dax was pretty. Plus, there was something enticing about the fact that she was once in a male body, and her somewhat charged relationship with Benjamin Sisko was based on a male-male friendship. It sounds somewhat twisted and kinky to describe Dax like that — it sounds like something that would, in fact, be truly hot. Yet there’s no frisson at all when I catch Deep Space Nine reruns on SpikeTV before work. Dax is too safe and noble to be really alluring.

Sterile: In Star Trek, the aesthetic of sterility is dominant. Which, if you think about it, would appeal to horny 13 year olds somewhat traumatized by the idea of sex — it’s, you know, dirty. But sterile is not really sexy in retrospect, is it?

I would assume that Star Trek must be basis of someone’s fetish. Right? Googling “star trek porn” turns up 344,000 hits, but no actual Star Trek porn in the first 20 results! This proves my point: looking back, Star Trek is just not very sexual at all.

2 responses to “Hot or Not: Jadzia Dax

  1. Hey. Me again. You should click on the “period specific issues” hyperlink above. It’s totally absurd. What is that, Entertainment Tonight? I can tell you the date: January 1993, and I will soon be Bar Mitzvahed…

    P.S. I can see exactly how many of you click links. It’s no mystery to me.

  2. Though you must admit, with the introduction of Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager (or “Star Trek: Voyeur,” as my brother and I started to call it), Trek sexuality took a dramatic turn from “sterility” (I would call it ill-conceived optimism, but potato potahto) to straight-up dork pr0n… she was, quite literally, an unemotional sex robot. Can’t get much dirtier than that.

    Dork on, Rutkoff…

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